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Guidelines of Solar Photovoltaic Installation on NEM Scheme
Guidelines of Solar Photovoltaic Installation on NEM Scheme & Schedule 1
Schedule 2:
Form A – NEM Manual Application Form
Form B – NEM Contract for Domestic Consumer
Form B – NEM Contract for Commercial & Industrial Consumer
Schedule 3: 
RE (Technical and Operational Requirements) Rules 2011
RE (Technical and Operational Requirements) (Amendment) Rules 2014
Schedule 4:

Technical Guideline for Connection of Indirect Solar PV Power Generation for NEM

Technical Guideline for Connection of Indirect Solar PV Power Generation for NEM (Revision 1) - 8/11/2016

Procedure for NEM Meter Application and signing NEM Contract.
  • Please click the Flowchart of NEM Application Process for the details workflow:
  • NEM applicant must submit the application to TNB Regional Office with the required documents as below:
    1. NEM Meter Application Form;
    2. NEM Certificate;
    3. Picture of TNB meter and interconnection from the grid;
    4. Picture of proposed meter location (If there are changes of meter location for the existing meter).
  • After installation work for Solar PV System and meter is completed, applicant are required to provide all documents for NEM contract signing as below:
    1. NEM Declaration Form (TNB Contract);
    2. NEM Certificate;
    3. Form G & Form H;
    4. NEM Contract (Domestic/Commercial & Industrial);
    5. Picture of NEM Meter for each meter reading in kW Export, kVAR Export, kW Import and kVAR Import (on the same day of NEM contract signing or one day before). Pictures of meter reading should be accompanied by the date of the picture was taken.
1. NEM Meter Application Form
2. NEM Declaration Form (TNB Contract)
  • For any enquiries, please contact:


    Dr. Amissa bt. Mohd Shaidi Arifin email amissa@tnb.com.my 

    Sustainable Energy Development

    Tenaga Nasional Berhad

    No. 129, Jalan Bangsar

    59200 Kuala Lumpur

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