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Continuous Development Program (CDP) for SEDA Malaysia Grid-Connected Solar PV Systems Design Qualified Persons (QPs)

Continuous development program (CDP), is the means by which people maintain and enhance their knowledge and skill in their specific area of expertise. To help and keep its Qualified Persons (QP) enhance knowledge and expertise as a competent Grid-Connected Solar PV Systems Design, SEDA Malaysia has developed a programme on yearly basis for the QPs to exercise, and have a common platform to discuss among its peers in the solar PV Industry in Malaysia. 

The requirement for the Grid-Connected Solar PV Systems Design Qualified Person (QPs) to practice his/her qualification for the year 2017 is to participate or involve for at least eight (8) hours in programs conducted or endorsed by SEDA Malaysia in 2016. This requirements is compulsory for the QPs who have been certified in 2013, 2014 and 2015 only.

Types of Continuous Development Program:

1.      Courses or training sessions related to solar PV.

2.      Conferences or seminars or workshops related to solar PV.

QPs may attend any other related programs on solar PV organised by external parties endorsed by SEDA Malaysia. QPs to submit certificate of attendance or any other proof of documents as certified by SEDA Malaysia. Proof of documents of participation is not required by QPs who have attended programs organised by SEDA Malaysia.

Below is the CDP programs conducted by SEDA Malaysia for 2016:

No Program CDP Hour Date Status Tentative Program Venue
1 Workshop on Lightning Protection for GCPV Systems - Session 1 8 hours 12th May 2016 Closed SEDA Auditorium
2 Workshop on Testing and Commissioning of GCPV Systems  8 hours 2nd June 2016 Closed SEDA Auditorium
3 Workshop on Lightning Protection for GCPV Systems - Session 2 8 hours 11th Aug  2016 Closed SEDA Auditorium

FINAL SESSION:Workshop on Testing and Commissioning of GCPV Systems 

8 hours 28th Nov 2016 Closed SEDA Auditorium


Workshop details:
  • Time                    :  8.30 am – 5.00 pm
  • Registration Fee :  RM318.00 (including 6% of Goods and Services Tax (GST)) 
The registration fee is Human Resource Development Fund (HRDF) claimable for SBL schemes.
The workshop application form can be downloaded from the following links:

How to register:

  1. Download and fill in the application form.
  2. Email to pvtraining@seda.gov.my together with the attachment (Mykad/passport and SEDA Malaysia GCPV Design Systems Certificate).
  3. Verification by SEDA Malaysia.
  4. Payment shall be made via cash deposit machine (CDM) or electronic fund transfer (EFT) via CIMBclicks.
  5. Each participant will have to send an email of the payment slip as proof of payment to pvtraining@seda.gov.my.
  6. Invoice and receipt will be provided upon request.

Banking details:

  • Account No : 8600308067
  • Bank's Name : CIMB Bank Berhad
  • Swift code : CIBBMYKL
  • Pay to : Sustainable Energy Development Authority Malaysia

If you have any other enquiries on this program, please email pvtraining@seda.gov my or call 03-8870 5800 (Ms. Zurlinda Asma Aziz / Ms. Azean Abdul Rahman)

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